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Since its formation in 2003, the Athens Diplomatic Club and Greek Diplomatic Life magazine regularly organise informal and novel events for diplomats in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, including athletic tournaments, excursions, cultural and social gatherings. Its purpose is to strengthen ties between the diplomatic missions and members of the …

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The Consular Corps in Greece (CCG) was established in 1972 with the purpose of developing the relations among its members and the host country (the Hellenic Republic) and making it conducive to a more effective performance of each of its members’ consular functions. CCG, through its numerous activities during the …

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Hire a professional photographer

Why should I hire a professional photographer? Because you’re a professional in your field as well, you probably want to get the best images possible – which are almost never the cheapest images possible. As we all know, the advent of digital photography has led everyone into thinking they’re photographers …

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Hire a professional cameraman

Video is a very powerful tool that scales quickly thanks to digital, mobile and social technologies. Greek Diplomatic Life magazine is very proud of its reputation and as such only work with top quality camera crews that can capture your vision and effectively communicate it to your audience. We ensure …

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