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July-August 2021

Issue Number 502







The European Commission gave its green light to Greece’s recovery and resilience plan – Greece 2.0. The primary goal of the Greek Recovery Plan is to fill the large gap in investment, national product and employment – an endemic gap in the performance of the Greek economy over the last decade – which has worsened due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Within this context, the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan aims to mobilise significant forces from the private sector, boosting private investment and using Public-Private Partnerships and Energy Service Companies to make significant public investment efforts.

The Greek Recovery Plan consists of four pillars: Green, Digital, Social and Economic and Institutional reforms. The latter will accelerate the growth impetus, but at the same time they must be designed in a way that protects the environment, shields institutions, strengthens social cohesion and justice and fairly distributes to citizens the opportunities, economic benefits and dividend that may be arise. In democratic societies, the implementation of necessary and important reforms usually creates social tensions, shocks and contradictions. They are mainly fuelled by economic interests and social groups that benefit from maintaining the old growth model of protected markets and economies. The smooth implementation of reforms and the mitigation of social tensions is achieved through the formation of broader economic and social alliances and mobilisations in support of the reform agenda and the new strong development perspective that will benefit from the changes the majority of the Greek people.

With a society without comprehensive information about the positive effects of changes in the economy and society, on the living standards of the majority of citizens, with a hostile attitude towards the new, we will hardly have a peaceful and straightforward transition to the new economic and social era.

This is a historic opportunity for the country. Greece is trying, in this critical period of major disruptive changes internationally and regionally, to implement a demanding productive and economic transformation. Greece 2.0 is realistically ambitious, modern, innovative and extroverted and has to be implemented with determination; with fortitude; but above all with a spirit of justice and solidarity.

The plan was designed in Greece and must spear growth that will be led by all Greek people, will be owned by all Greek citizens and will deeply transform the Greek economy and society. It will make Greece emerge stronger and more resilient and better prepared for the future.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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