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February 2024

Issue Number 530






This is a period of great liquidity for Europe and for the Eastern Mediterranean, where revisionism tends to become the norm. And this challenge should be managed by all the countries that have common cultural origins and ideology. If we take into account all the major challenges and asymmetrical threats, but also revisionism and aggression that we are currently experiencing in most areas of our neighbourhood, it is time for action. Actions speak louder than words because they demonstrate rather than simply tell. Unfortunately, Europeans are divided and powerless to substantially influence developments.

On the bigger picture, during his meeting in New York with the UN Secretary General, the Greek Foreign Minister said that they had exchanged views on all pressing issues and the major crises that the world is currently facing are at a standstill! But why this is a normality? The UN has a significant mandate to implement! As the Minister said, we should perhaps consider the decision-making process, to ensure that it is both rapid and effective, providing the essential assurance of integrity and accountability for those responsible for offences against International Law. No more delays!

The goals of Greek foreign policy continue to be based on the known solid foundations. In other words, respect for the Charter of the United Nations, International Law and the International Law of the Sea, the protection of human rights, as well as the protection of the environment. Greek foreign policy will continue and further promote a strategy with targeted actions, self-confidence and open horizons, which aims to maximise the geopolitical footprint of the country in the international arena.

In an ever-changing international environment, Greece continues to pursue an active foreign policy, attempts to broaden its relations and alliances with countries with which it shares common principles and values – first and foremost, respect for the borders and territorial integrity of countries and the resolution of any disputes through peaceful means.

Greece also establishes itself as a geostrategic and energy power. Shielding its borders from any type of hybrid attacks and strengthening its voice, which can now be heard everywhere: in the American Continent, in the Indian Ocean region, in Brussels and in all major capitals.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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