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February 2023

Issue Number 519







The multiple visits and contacts by Greek diplomacy continued this month in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, alongside demonstrating the African dimension of Greece’s foreign policy. The Foreign Minister’s visit in Latin America was an important tour – eight Memoranda, four Agreements – which falls within the context of a broad-based strategy and serves both the country’s goal of being elected to the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the Presidency of the United Nations General Assembly, and its goal of making the Greek position on International Law and the International Law of the Sea broadly understood.

The visits focused on the strengthening of bilateral relations, particularly regarding investment and the economy, as well as trade, energy networks, health, education, tourism and maritime affairs. Greece had the opportunity to present the dynamics of the country and that the secrets of its success are political stability, social cohesion, trust in the State and institutions, utilisation of human capital and rapid assimilation of innovation and technology.

Greece has to develop both its political and economic relations beyond the narrow horizons and that is what is pursuing. The international environment is constantly changing. As a result, adapting to new circumstances is critical. The need to reposition itself in the face of new challenges is also imperative. Greece overcame the syndrome of a phobic, enclosed Greece, entrenched in the southern borders of the Balkan peninsula. It implements a strategy that exudes confidence and certainty, with targeted actions. And that does not mean reflection, it simply means adaptation.

We are entering a multipolar world order and we have to be vigilant, utilise the bilateral and multilateral agreements with other countries and integrate them systematically in the country’s international and transnational relations. At the same time, with active participation in planning regional initiatives for peace and stability, with an enhanced geopolitical role in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a soft power projection in the Western Balkans and beyond, with active participation in international organisations and international fora. Greece, tapping into the mild power of its cultural diplomacy, aspires to open its wings and make the best use of potential opportunities around the globe.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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