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September 2021

Issue Number 503







Challenges in the Mediterranean region, as well as efforts to tackle climate change and migration flows was the focus of the EUMed 9 Summit held in Athens this month.

The visit by the European Commission President and the leaders of Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal reminds us that solutions to the problems that dominate public debate can be solved only within the EU framework.

The EUMed 9 leaders adopted both an Athens Declaration on climate change and the Mediterranean natural environment, as well as a Joint Declaration on issues of political and humanitarian significance; the latter referred to peace, security and stability in the Mediterranean as a strategic priority to the EU. It also mentioned the Cyprus issue, the Middle East Peace Process, the situation in the countries of Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Afghanistan and joint efforts tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, among other issues.

In addition to these important issues on the agenda, the constant growing tension between the great powers highlights the need for common action. The danger of being pushed around in a great power dispute might wake up Governments that are still undecided. It is not only the climate and environment, economy, health and immigration which demand a strong Union, for the good of all its Member States, but also the international realignment of power and balances.

If Europeans do not stand together, if they do not develop strategy and power, they will lose even more influence, they will be vulnerable to the accumulating dangers. To fulfil its true potential, the EU needs to end its strategic incongruence and focus on capability building.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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