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December 2021

Issue Number 506







Another year comes to an end, and in total, almost two years have passed of intense crisis management; like all countries in the world, Greece had to struggle with Covid and its consequences. At the same time, Greece also had to deal with hybrid threats and major challenges in its neighbourhood. And, as this year we celebrate 200 years since the beginning of our War of Independence, it is always an opportunity to reflect upon our rather complicated, but intriguing history and assess how much progress we have made overall, celebrate the fact that we were always on the right side of history when important decisions had to be made, acknowledge the fact that our history is full of cycles of triumphs and catastrophes, but somehow we always found the power to emerge stronger from difficulties.

And we achieved this because we managed to unite in difficult times to address profound crises. We struggled through because we always managed to have the right allies whenever foreign assistance was necessary. And we accomplished the near impossible because we found this internal drive to overcome difficulties that allow us today to be genuinely optimistic about the future of the country.

The rapid growth of the economy so far in 2021 is a very positive sign and it is encouraging to see the strong focus on the green and digital agenda in the Greek recovery plan, which predisposes positively for a future sustainable development. We have never seen as much interest in long-term investing in the country. This is a vote of confidence in the Greek economy and the Greek people. The explosion of creativity we see in Greece today is particularly encouraging.

Greece is stronger economically, but it’s also stronger geopolitically. It’s a country that is engaging, above its weight in Europe. The Greek voice is heard in Europe and beyond. We have built a network of powerful alliances in a relatively unstable part of the world. Many countries recognise in Greece a strategic ally with which it shares, not just common interests, but common values. We are stronger militarily than we were a few years ago. But we are also stronger in terms of the brand of Greece. In terms of what is so important, the soft power of Greece, the brand that Greece is creating abroad.

Greece’s foreign policy is no longer limited to the decade of the economic crisis and it is not limited to just one neighbourhood, but deals more broadly with how it will promote its interests: stability, democracy and international law in a region from the West Balkans and the Black Sea in the north, as far as the Eastern Mediterranean and northern Africa, but also as far as the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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