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June 2022

Issue Number 512







In the beginning of June, the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition 2022, the ‘Home of Shipping’, reopened its doors to a great reception from the global maritime community.

A programme of several dozen conferences and seminars ran in parallel to offer delegates access to insightful information and knowledge imparted by an impressive array of shipping industry decision and policy makers, regulators, as well as government officials from around the world.

The might and investment appetite of the Greek shipowners’ community, which controls 21% of global deadweight tonnage (dwt), are the main reasons for Posidonia’s global appeal. Greece remains the world’s largest ship-owning nation and represents 59% of the EU-controlled fleet. Since 2019, the Greek-owned fleet grew by 7.4% and since 2014 by 45.8%. The strong presence of Greek shipping everywhere in the world has a positive impact on the overall image of our country.

Greek shipping is leading the way toward energy transition with strength and determination, utilising accumulated know-how and experience. To this end, Greece has submitted constructive proposals to the IMO and the EU, so that shipping continues to contribute to both the global and national economies, while at the same time moving toward decarbonisation in a realistic way with the development of appropriate fuels and technologies within set time frames.

During this month, following the conclusion of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit in Thessaloniki, Greece called on SE Europe to promote a path of peace and international legality, joint security and prosperity. This was the foundation of the Declaration of Thessaloniki, which was unanimously adopted and has proven a recognition of the Greek Chairmanship.

The meeting demonstrated that there is truly a dynamic for the collaboration of all sides in the region, and at the same time, this Summit created a road map of joint targets and principles and the year 2033, as the Greek PM proposed, should be the deadline for the accession of all Western Balkan countries in the EU. It is an ambitious target, but it could be realistic if the idea of enlargement returns as a core value of the European Union.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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