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Since its formation in 2003, the Athens Diplomatic Club and Greek Diplomatic Life magazine regularly organise informal and novel events for diplomats in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, including athletic tournaments, excursions, cultural and social gatherings. Its purpose is to strengthen ties between the diplomatic missions and members of the Greek governmental and international establishments by maintaining a calendar of regular events, fostering social relations amongst them and their families and providing them with an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the country’s political, economic, cultural and social affairs, to extend their contacts and broaden their professional experience and that of the country in which they currently reside.

Each activity provides the opportunity for diplomats to become acquainted with their colleagues, discuss both Greek and international topical events and gain a first-hand insight to life in the city of Athens.

Members of the Club represent more than 100 countries accredited to Greece and consist of diplomats of various rankings promoting goodwill and friendship among nations and cultures. They are regularly joined by colleagues from Greek governmental and international establishments.

For more information, or to be included on the mailing list for upcoming events, please email us at

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