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As the title suggests, it contains all the basic knowledge one needs to know as they begin their photography journey.

The book is mainly for beginners, but it could also be used as a quick reference guide for more experienced photographers.

The author is a seasoned photographer specialising in all types of photography, as you can see from his website nidibou.com. He is also available for commissions for special events, advertisement campaigns, drone photography, etc.



Introducing ‘PHOTOGRAPHY – THE FOUNDATIONS’ – the perfect beginner’s learning guide for any aspiring photographer. This little guide aims to teach you everything you need to know about photography in just 50 pages, through easy-to-understand steps.
This is a first glance at the most important aspects of photography and can be a roadmap to what you need to explore, if you want to get better as a photographer. Using a camera intentionally is what separates a photographer from someone that just takes snapshots. This photography guide for beginners can help you do just that.
Not many words, every chapter comes with an example, so you can understand what it is that you’re reading.

This book on photography helps you understand, in the simplest terms, what is aperture, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and depth-of-field; tips on buying new gear and even a smart chart that you can print and have with you at all times.
Become a better photographer, by learning all you need to know about the basics – The Foundations of Photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY – THE FOUNDATIONS is a must-have book for photography lovers of all ages, especially if you are a photography beginner looking to improve your skills. More experienced photographers may find it useful, as a reminder of things they already know, or as a nice photography gift book for beginners.


The book (in English or Greek) is available in pdf format for small cost of 4 euro.


LINKS : https://nidibou.com/store/all?category=eBook





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