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GRULAC Hellas Christmas Lunch




In her capacity as Dean of the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Group of the Hellenic Republic (GRULAC Hellas), the Ambassador and General Consul of Panama in Greece, H.E. Julie Lymberopulos recently organised and hosted a Christmas Lunch at her Residence, with special guests the Ambassadors – Members of the GRULAC Hellas, and H.E. Aliki Chatzi, Ambassador and Secretary General of the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic.

During the lunch, the GRULAC Hellas Ambassadors had the chance to meet with the Secretary General Aliki Chatzi and discuss, amongst other topics, current global situations and the European and more specifically, the Greek perspective, on Latin America. The conversation between Mrs. Aliki Chatzi and the GRULAC Hellas Ambassadors was carried out in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and understanding.

The GRULAC Hellas Ambassadors accredited in Athens, who participated in this Christmas Lunch were (in alphabetical order by country):

  1. Ambassador Jihad Georges Aoun, Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Ambassador Luis Alfredo Azpiazu, Argentina
  3. Ambassador Paulo Roberto Caminha de Castilhos França, Brazil
  4. Ambassador Marisol Pérez Carranza, Chile
  5. Ambassador Aramis Fuente Hernández, Cuba
  6. Ambassador Alejandro García Moreno Elizondo, Mexico
  7. Ambassador Javier Raúl Martín Yépez Verdeguer, Peru
  8. Ambassador José Luis Pombo, Uruguay
  9. Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Freddy Jesús Fernández Torres, Venezuela.

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