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‘100 climate-neutral and smart cities of the EU by 2030’


The original video of the campaign for the inclusion of the Municipality of Kozani in the ‘100 climate-neutral and smart cities of the EU by 2030’


Choose Strategic Communications Partner, one of the largest companies in the communication industry, designed and implemented the campaign for the inclusion of Kozani in the 100 climate-neutral and smart cities of the EU by 2030.  The aim of the integrated communication campaign, the kind supporter of which was DEPA Marketing, was to inform, raise awareness and promote the candidacy of Kozani in European action.

The EU Mission 2030 mission includes, inter alia, personalised advice, innovation actions and pilot projects with a view to climate neutrality by 2030. Research and innovation actions concern clean mobility, energy efficiency, green urban planning and any human activity, while the possibility of developing joint initiatives and synergies with other EU programmes is foreseen.

A highlight of the campaign is the screening of the video “Kozani, Mission 2030“, which follows the announcement of the European Commission’s decision to include Kozani in the 100 climate-neutral and smart cities of the European Union by 2030. The story begins with a 10-year-old boy, inside his home in Kozani, where he watches a video with a little girl talking about the impact of climate change on his daily life in a city of the European Union, where he lives with his family. The young protagonist decides to communicate with the little girl via video, in order to give her hope, recounting scenes from the energy transition of Kozani to clean energy. The little boy recounts images from the future of a climate-neutral and smart city that has bioclimatic schools, charging stations for electric cars, Bioclimatic Park (Photovoltaic Park) and uses for its energy needs from the white dragon (White Dragon), i.e. “green” energy from hydrogen. The story ends with the little boy speaking proudly about his city, Kozani, which by the time he grows up will be in the 100 smartest and climate-neutral cities of the European Union, inviting the little girl to study together at the University of Western Macedonia.

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