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Outstanding experience in the electronics sector – Miltech


GDL: We asked the Business Development Manager and BoD Member of Miltech Hellas, Stephen Kiosseoglou, how does Miltech compare with other defence companies in terms of range and technology?

SK: Miltech Hellas SA is one of the leading Hellenic companies in the defence sector specialising in design and manufacture of high quality cost effective electro-optic and electronic products for defence applications. The company was established in 1997 and since then, it has been able to develop and provide a wide range of products and services. Our vast experience in handling and successfully completing high demanding projects and our strategic alliances and seamless collaboration with world-wide leading defence companies is a key indicator for our global presence in the defence sector. We are proud of our award tracking record in both national and international tenders against very powerful, in terms of capabilities, competitors.

What is more, Miltech is active in research and innovation projects (Horizon2020, EDIDP, National Research Calls) and has close collaborations with universities and research institutes, both national and abroad. Technology plays a crucial role in defence, nowadays. Miltech, being aware of that, always invests in new technologies and high expertise personnel in order not to follow, but rather pace the way in technological achievements.

GDL: What is your marketing strategy?

SK: National and international exhibitions; and presence in defence related magazines.

Being confident about our products, we strongly believe in “living” marketing, i.e., the best commercial is the feedback from our customers. We put a serious effort to keep the performance to price ratio as high as possible.

GDL: What is the contribution of Miltech to the self-sufficiency of the Hellenic Armed Forces?

SK: Greece, due to both its particular terrain and geopolitical position, requires systems to respond to all potential threats. We strongly believe and promote the so-called “after-sales service” and we seek valuable feedback from all our customers. Thus, we continuously upgrade our systems and develop new ones, according to Hellenic Armed Forces’ requirements and needs. Miltech has succeeded in translating the requirements into reliable systems, especially suitable (and most of the times customised) for the Hellenic territory.

Miltech has provided a plethora of surveillance systems and devices to Hellenic Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Police Force. It is our strong will to continue and further develop our collaboration, being always on stand-by for the next challenging requirement that may arise.

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