Thursday , December 7 2023

Focused on serving the needs of international markets – Metka

GDL: Giorgos Economou, Deputy General Manager of the EPC Projects Department and Factory Manager of Mytilineos tells us about the course of Metka over the past few years?

GE: Mytilineos’ factory in Volos is part of the Greek industrial history. From 1964 it is working continuously, despite difficulties. It hasn’t stopped, not even during the pandemic of Covid-19, without risking the health of its employees.

Today the factory is undertaking serious defence projects exporting patriot launchers and battle tanks to countries in the Middle East through American and German Contractors. The number of technical employees is increasing and the prospects are very positive.

GDL: What are Metka’s major investment plans?

GE: Are new investment plans have to do with new machinery, equipment, special jigs and fixtures.

GDL: What initiatives has the company undertaken to achieve the greatest possible degree of self-reliance in equipment (Hellenisation)?

GE: The Company targets Hellenisation by supporting new design, developing the MDP (Manufacturing Data Procedures) and constructing special tooling (jigs and fixtures) to facilitate production and improve productivity.

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