Wednesday , December 6 2023

Friend of the Diplomatic Corps honoured with Award Night

Two notable personalities, two individual women who have made significant strides in medicine and journalism, have been awarded by the Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc).

During a special ceremony held in the Athenian Club, HAPSc President Symeon Sidiropoulos and the Board of Directors honoured the Doctor and HAPSc Honorary Member Dr. Pari Rapti (pictured left) for her contribution to medical science, her social work and her international activities in the field of culture, as well as for her contribution to strengthening the work of HAPSc.

Also awarded was the journalist, writer and Real fm Radio producer Semina Digeni (pictured below) for her overall career and her extensive work in television, radio, print and electronic media.

The evening was attended by important representatives of the academic, legal and scientific world, including Ath. Vozikis, Ant. Alevizos, F. Hadjifotis, Al. and N. Dimas, M. Souli, Ath. Davetas and G. Papadopoulos. From the political arena present were KKE MEPs, Costas Papadakis and Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos and KINAL Spokesman Pavlos Christidis. Also present were administrative representatives from leading media corporations. From the cultural world writers Christos Homenidis and Panagiotis Mentis, poet Panos Niavis, performer Yiota Nega, owner of the ‘Kaktos’ publications Yiannis Leventis, theatrical producers Nineta and Daisy Lebesi and Androklis Deliolanis, directors Takis Tzamargias and Kirki Karali, alongside important representatives from the realms of theatre and television.

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