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‘UAE, a unique model for Tolerance’ by H.E. Mohamed Meer Alraeesi, UAE Ambassador to Greece




A unique model for Tolerance





By H.E. Mohamed Meer Alraeesi, UAE Ambassador to Greece


The UAE has developed a clear strategy for tolerance, that has produced love and peace and has established a unique coexistence compared to other countries around the world, in accordance to the deep vision and approach established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the Founding Fathers, based on adherence to the authentic ethics and customs of the UAE people and on the commitment to cultural and historical heritage.

This strategy was led by the wise leadership of the UAE under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, which has allowed the country to become a shining example and a model for promoting the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence, receiving the respect and appreciation of people around the world through global initiatives launched to serve humanity.


The year 2019 will take the UAE one more step ahead as it becomes the global capital of tolerance.


Since the head of the UAE announced the year 2019 as a Year of Tolerance, in order to establish a culture of tolerance, pluralism and acceptance of others, the UAE has adopted many initiatives and activities in order to ensure that tolerance is a way of life in the country and a unique model in the region and worldwide and to stress its pioneering role as a global capital for tolerance. This encouraged the Government and relevant institutions in the UAE to continue their efforts throughout the year of tolerance and to combine national gains and achievements over the years, making the UAE a real symbol of tolerance and coexistence; an exceptional example of a country which hosts more than 200 nationalities representing different cultures, races and religions from all around the world, who all live in security and safety.

The UAE has become an inspirational global example of tolerance and co-existence at the institutional level through the Minister of Tolerance in 2016, the formation of the Supreme National Committee for Tolerance in 2018, the development of a legislative and legal structure aimed at criminalising hatred and consolidating coexistence through the Anti-Discrimination Law, which criminalises acts of contempt for religions and their sanctities, combating all forms of discrimination and renouncing hate speech through various means and methods of expression, thereby laying the foundations for mutual respect and human coexistence.

The UAE’s initiatives are not confined to internal matters; UAE Embassies in different countries of the world are working in order to ensure the values of tolerance and launching initiatives that reflect the noble values of the UAE at the international level. Within this context, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates has carried out numerous humanitarian and social initiatives in Greece, such as the Embassy’s launching of the ‘Winter Clothing Campaign’ initiative, which included the refugee camps in Ritsona, Larissa and Malakasa, and the Church of Agion Akindinon in Athens. It also distributed school gifts and stationery for the children at the Agion Akindinon Church. Furthermore, the Embassy celebrated Easter Day together with Christian brothers at the Church of Agia Triada in Athens and at the elderly care home of the Agia Paraskevi Church in Athens. In addition, the Embassy will organise a week-long ‘Tolerance Forum’ in September 2019.

The Embassy will continue its humanitarian efforts, reflecting the fundamental human and moral component of State policy toward friendly countries.

In conclusion, the United Arab Emirates embraces the message of tolerance to all parts of the world in order to ascertain the importance of discovering the values of peace, justice, human fraternity and coexistence, and to perpetuate tolerance as a lifeline for all.


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