Wednesday , December 6 2023

Greece in 2nd place globally on Blue Flag beach map


With 519 Blue Flag beaches, Greece ranks in second place globally among 47 countries. Out of the total number of countries that participate in the programme, Greece has 12% of total awards. The top area in Greece, for this year again, with 89 flags is Halkidiki.

The international committee awarded this year 3,687 beaches, 679 marinas and 55 tourist boats across the world.

First set up in 1987, the Blue Flag is an eco-label assigned each year based on a series of criteria which, besides water quality, takes into consideration compliance with 12 parameters including waste water purification, waste handling, regulation of vehicle traffic, safety and services on the beach.

According to The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the national operator of the Blue Flag programme, the blue flag is the most recognisable ecological symbol in the world.

Greece this year maintained its world ranking on the Blue Flag quality award list for beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boats, according to the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF).

With the addition of 33 beaches, 3 marinas and one sustainable tourism boat, Greece comes in second in the world on the 2018 Blue Flag quality award list. After Spain with 590 Blue Flag beaches, Greece ranked second among 47 countries with 519. Fifteen Greek marinas and one sustainable tourism boat were also honoured with the quality ‘Blue Flag’ award for 2018. Last year 486 Greek beaches and 12 marinas were honoured.

The ‘Blue Flag’ is a voluntary eco-label awarded to beaches across the world and is run by the independent, non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education based in Copenhagen. The EEPF is the programme’s coordinator for Greece.


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