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Hire a professional photographer

Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Because you’re a professional in your field as well, you probably want to get the best images possible – which are almost never the cheapest images possible. As we all know, the advent of digital photography has led everyone into thinking they’re photographers (and undercutting serious, seasoned pros). But a smart digital camera does not replace an accomplished photographer, especially in our field when creating group shots for your receptions.
When you hire a professional, you’re not just hiring a person with a more expensive camera;  you are hiring someone who knows how to make you (or whatever the subject is) look awesome, using an artistic eye, an ability to put the subject at ease and the technical skill to give you a riveting image.

Through Greek Diplomatic Life magazine, you are hiring a professional with over 40 years in the business, someone whose eye is like an almanac of who’s who in Greece; someone that you know you can trust.

What am I paying a professional for?
When you pay a professional photographer, you are generally paying for the following things:
• a creation fee, which involves their creativity and expertise;
• an agreed upon number of hours or days to do your shoot and deliver a final product;
• expenses incurred in creating those images (film, processing, post-production time in digital work, discs, etc.);
• a print or scan of one or more select images, or digital media.
For amateurs, digital is often cheaper; but for professionals, it’s not. In fact, according to stats published in the past few years, doing a professional shoot digitally costs as much as one-third more than traditional methods. Why, you ask? Today, digital equipment – cameras, computers, hardware and software – is often obsolete in a few months, and rarely makes it to two or three years. Constant upgrading is not cheap!
Then there is the photographer’s time, post-production work required such as downloading, naming files, colour correction, various batch actions, backing up on multiple external hard drives, retouching, burning CDs or DVDs, etc.

Who owns the negatives and the rights to the images?
According to Copyright Law, the photographer owns the copyright, negatives, or digital files on all images shot. In paying them to shoot, you are purchasing their professional services. Incidentally, this is the same copyright law that protects all artists and people who create – whether they be composers, authors, artists or photographers.
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