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January 2018

Issue Number 466


The year began with the notable performance of the Greek economy being reaffirmed according to many economic reports and analyses. Positive statements from global officials concerning the perspectives of the Greek economy are also arising, along with an important number of positive news articles and analyses in the international press.

A number of encouraging signs of recovery portray a clear upward trend. The Greek economy seems at long last to enjoy the fruits of the multi-year fiscal adjustment and structural reform process, as expectations are strengthened that, by the contractual end of the adjustment programme in August 2018, all remaining programme prerequisites will be fulfilled and Greece will enter into a phase of normality.

The Greek Government also vindicates the need for a sustainable growth, indicating that its main goal is to pass on the positive effects of growth within society itself in the form of well-paid jobs and strong social protection structures, adding that this can only be achieved based on a new and fair production model, while deepening progressive reforms.

Furthermore, Greece has systematically spearheaded several key diplomatic, political and economic initiatives in the Mediterranean and South Eastern European region to promote inter-country cooperation, prosperity and stability. Greece also plays a key role in contemporary world energy flow linking Central Asia and Europe and possesses one of the most skilled and hardworking labour forces today.

Greece is rich in history and culture, recognised as the cradle of democracy, science, philosophy and medicine. In 2018, despite eight years of economic adversity, it is delivering new, modern and innovative opportunities that are benefiting its own people and its allies. Greece’s promised path to economic good health has given rise to a growing entrepreneurial environment, increasing innovation, technological transformation and expanding tourism.

The worries have turned to wonder as the people of Greece have restored their country to its historical place as a beacon of stability, a crucible of economic opportunity and an inviting destination for millions from around the globe drawn by the enthralling beauty of its historical sites, the pristine waters of the crystal clear seas and the sun-kissed landscapes of the countryside and its internationally acclaimed intoxifying islands.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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