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June 2018

Issue Number 471



The first week of June was dedicated to the Posidonia international exhibition, the world’s most prestigious shipping trade event which has scaled new heights this year with an unprecedented display of the collective might and minds of a gigantic global industry which accounts for nearly 95% of international trade. The proof points of the show’s unparalleled appeal and success were evident each of the five days on the exhibition floor and conference facilities of the venue, where a number of business deals were struck and issues and trends of concern to the international maritime industry were debated.

The constant fleet renewal and diversification pursued by the Greek shipping industry serves as a confirmation that the Greek shipping community will continue operating the largest fleet for many years to come. This unique event highlights the indispensable role and the multidimensional importance of shipping for the welfare of all nations and it is important that this is recognised by societies and lawmakers alike, as shipping is often held disproportionately responsible for meeting environmental standards compared to other industries. The European Union’s world leadership in shipping should not be taken for granted. Without a competitive business environment, shipping as an international economic activity can neither survive nor can it progress.

During his State Visit, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, stressed that choosing to visit Greece first during his visit to Europe reflects the long-standing friendship of the two countries and the desire to deepen ties with Greece.  Welcoming President Kovind to Athens, the Greek political leadership discussed ways to enhance political, economic and cultural cooperation between the two ancient civilisations. The relations between the two countries are very old and deep and they share values of democracy, rule of law and multi-cultural ethos and these have added depth to their bilateral and multilateral engagements.

The visit came at an important time for Greece, when it is exiting a long economic crisis and searching for strategic alliances. It also emphasised that Greece and India have a common stake in promoting multi-polarity in international governance, global peace and security, connectivity and investment which are viable, transparent and sustainable. Today, Greece hails the achievements of the Indian economy, especially in communications, new technologies, energy, infrastructure and space technology and, as such has invited India to become the ‘Honoured Country’ in the Thessaloniki International Fair of 2019, which it gratefully accepted.


Nicolas Boutsicos
Managing Director – Editor

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