Wednesday , January 26 2022

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Health & Covid-19 – Q&A with a leading Head of Pathology

    Covid-19 has had an extraordinary impact on healthcare systems across the globe, leading to a decrease in preventive screenings because some patients are hesitant to see their health care provider. But we must understand that preventative healthcare helps maintain our health. Screenings are important to avoid future health …

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The new General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy: An important soft power mechanism

  Interview with John Chrysoulakis, Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy       “Greeks abroad are a major force in the dissemination of Greek values and culture, with an active role in the promotion of Greek positions on issues of interest before international public opinion, but also …

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Interview with H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Kyriakos Kenevezos

    “We envision a free and reunited Cyprus, a common homeland of Greek-Cypriots, Turkish-Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins (Roman Catholics), a model of peaceful coexistence and prosperity of all its citizens and a pillar of stability, peace and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.”   GDL: In the 60 years …

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Interview with H.E. the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ismail Khairat

                          Throughout its long history, Egypt has always been a strong supporter of Africa’s just causes. Egyptian foreign policy – especially after the 1952 Revolution – mobilised all its resources to support liberation movements all over Africa, in …

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