Friday , December 4 2020
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Interview with H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Shorsh Khalid Said

      “Iraq has inherited a heavy legacy of hostility and distrust as a result of the policies of the previous regime. Since 2003, the political system has faced many challenges in an effort to restore Iraq to a position worthy of its rich cultural heritage, its honourable people ...

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Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs briefs European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs

    “There is an urgent need for the EU to play its role in the region. What are at stake is European sovereignty and the strategic independence of the EU. De-escalation must be achieved at once. And it must originate from those causing tensions. All Turkish vessels, both military and ...

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Hagia Sophia: The violation of a symbol by the Sec-Gen for Public Diplomacy, Religious & Consular Affairs

    Hagia Sophia: The violation of a symbol   By Constantinos Alexandris   “It is quite clear that no logical or plausible excuse could justify the violation of a symbol – because this is exactly what the decision for the conversion of Hagia Sophia amounts to. This is not ...

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Interview of the General Director of Defence Investments and Armaments

    “It is time to identify the new challenges of technological excellence and industrial viability that render cross-border collaboration a mandatory process.”   General Director, GDDIA, Lt. Gen. Theodoros Lagios   GDL: What kind of collaboration is needed so that the technological gap between European, American and other defence ...

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Repositioning itself in the global market – The Hellenic Aerospace Industry SA

“HAI considers that strengthening its innovative level by investing in R&D and new methods is the key to repositioning itself in the global market.”   The Hellenic Aerospace Industry SA (HAI) is the leading aerospace and defence industry of Greece. Established in 1975, its major mission is to deliver services ...

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Lockheed Martin confirms its commitment & support to the Armed Forces, Aerospace & Defence Industry

  Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Vice President Global Pursuits Initiatives, Dennys Plessas   “The Hellenic defence industry is a national asset and as such needs to be addressed. Continuous modernisation is important with new capabilities, technologies and training.”   GDL: Could you describe the relationship of Lockheed Martin with the Hellenic Aerospace ...

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Q&A: Minister of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, Yiannis Plakiotakis

    “We have developed a number of specific measures to support maritime work by recognising the specifics of the maritime profession.”     GDL: How has the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy confronted and participated in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic? YP: The first priority of ...

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