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French Institute: 200 years of Greek-French friendship and cooperation



On the occasion of the celebration of the two hundred years since the Greek Revolution of 1821, the French Institute of Greece presents a program of educational and cultural activities throughout 2021.

Greek institutions (regions, cities, museums, libraries, etc.) participate in many of these actions, enrich them, disseminate them to local communities throughout Greece and thus contribute to maintaining close ties between the two countries and the Greek-French friendship.



The celebration of the two hundred years since the beginning of the creation of the Greek state is of particular importance for the French Institute of Greece.

From Satovriandou to Marni Street, the streets of Athens with the names familiar to the French public, remind us daily of the bonds of friendship and solidarity that unite our two peoples. A fervent desire of the French philhellenes, Greek independence was a source of artistic creation and literary, or even political, inspiration. Few French students are unaware of Victor Hugo’s “To Ellinopoulos”, and respectively, despite its long distance, the island of Chios caused the sympathy and anguish of the public watching the “Slaughter of Chios” by Eugene Delacroix in Paris in 1824. From For their part, the Greek fighters knew the history of France and described themselves as co-heirs of the principles of the Enlightenment and Humanism.

If the concepts of dialogue and exchange characterized Greek-French relations in 1821, we can only conclude that 200 years later, these concepts are more relevant today than ever.


The actions

Online Exhibition “For Greece out of love!” – On the internet from March 18, 2021

Exhibition on the Greek Revolution of 1821, in collaboration with the National Library of France (BNF) and its journalistic website RetroNews.

Through this groundbreaking virtual exhibition, the French Institute of Greece and Retronews embark on a journey through time, looking at all aspects of Greek-French relations and inviting the public to rediscover, through the BNF archives, the influence of the Greek Revolution in all of Europe, the mobilization and expression of the great philhellenic current on the side of the Greek revolutionaries.

By providing the collections of literary, theatrical, musical works or even advertisements of the time, BNF collaborates with the French Institute of Greece, proposing to the public of our two countries a pioneering exhibition, consisting of a series of thematic videos on various aspects of the Greek Revolution , result of the work of the joint committee of Greek and French historians, as well as a website specially created for this purpose. True to the tradition of the interdisciplinary approach that characterizes French historiography, the exhibition is a meeting point of historical memories of battles and struggles, and new thematic fields, such as the position of women and the mobilization of the artistic world.


Comics Competition 1821

Wide audience: May 15 – November 15
Schools: September 27 – November 15

The National History Museum collaborates with the National Library of France and the French Institute for the promotion of new talents! As the narration of the events of the Greek Revolution is in the spotlight, the French Institute of Greece invites the public to create original comics dedicated to 1821, through the innovative application BDnF, la fabrique à BD. With just a few clicks, participants can create a comic book page in French or a meme (ie a frame), with the help of this free application for PC, smartphone or tablet.

The best creations will be posted on social networks and will receive the school award and the public award, which will be awarded by a jury, consisting of representatives of the National History Museum, the French Institute of Greece and a team of Greek experts. The award-winning creations will be exhibited at the French Institute of Greece.

Discover the application:

See the terms of participation at and on the social networks of the French Institute from May 2021.


Educational programs

High school students, true future historians, will be able to participate in collective media education programs and online knowledge exchanges on Greek-French cultural ties from the Greek Revolution, in collaboration with Greek and French educational partners, including France CLEM.


Greece – France: cinematic meetings

From April 2021

The Greek Film Archive and the French Institute of Greece celebrate the Greek-French friendship, by organizing an extensive tribute to the common cinematic history of the two countries.

From the French experience of Greek directors to the mutual love of the French and Greek audiences for the film productions of the two countries, the cinema is another example of the uninterrupted cultural dialogue between France and Greece.

This tribute will officially start in the context of the 21st French Film Festival , in April, where invited Greek directors will present the French films of their choice: works that they loved, that marked or inspired them.

The baton of the tribute will be received by the Film Archive, which will present a rich film program, in three thematic sections. The first will present blockbusters that marked the relationship between the Greek Film Archive and the French Film Archive, from Langlois to Gavras. The second will highlight the influences of French cinema in Greek cinema with screenings of emblematic Greek films. Respectively, the third section will present the portrayal of Greece, both classical and modern, in French cinema.

The detailed program of the 21st French Film Festival will be announced in March, while the full program of actions of the tribute “Greece-France: cinematic meetings” will be presented soon on the website and in a press release of the Film Archive.


France invited to the International Street Art Festival of Patras

The French artist Zabou, famous for the graffiti that adorns the streets of many cities around the world, will participate in the International Street Art Festival of Patras . Another occasion for the promotion of the current and timeless message of the Greek Revolution and the Greek-French friendship.


The celebration of the Greek Revolution of 1821, a celebration of an event of the past, will breathe, throughout 2021, into the excellent relations that unite the two countries, based on mutual friendship and solidarity. A friendship that evolves and forms over time, but does not cease to be strengthened.



GSA: Celebrations for the two hundred years since the Greek Revolution


GSA is on the side of the Greek institutions participating in the organization of events to celebrate the two hundred years since the Greek Revolution in 2021.

Official logo: commemorations of 175 years of EFA – JPEG


True to its mission to provide knowledge about Hellenism and as a mediator between Greece and France, the GSA will contribute through reports, publications and conferences , promoting, in France and in Greece, critical thinking about the influence of this event of major importance. . The position of the Greeks and Greece in the European idea and the Greek-French relations will be in the center after 2021. Based on a logic of international cooperation and continuous research at European level, GSA aspires to carry out its plans with various partners and research and cultural heritage organizations in France, Greece and Europe.


The website of GSA is constantly updated, including all the activities and their program.

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