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Dear Friends,

Amid the challenges of 2020, there are reasons to be optimistic. The New Year holds great promise on many fronts. The agenda of the forthcoming annual conference is constantly enriched and below you may see new entries in our list of prominent speakers.

Our work to shape important agendas continues with three relevant digital events.


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March 12, 2021

Tirana Economic Forum III

Τhe Tirana Economic Forum  has developed into a high-level meeting of the most influential Albanian and international political, corporate, and intellectual leaders addressing pressing challenges currently facing Albania and the Region.


Annual Conference: May 12-16, 2021

Dear Friends,

Many of you are reaching out regarding the status of the forthcoming DEF 2021, rightly sharing both your individual and organizational concerns on the format of our Annual Conference. With this communication, we want to provide updates and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


When will DEF 2021 take place and where?

The Delphi Economic Forum VI will take place between the 12th and the 16th of May, 2021 in Delphi and Arachova, Greece.


What will the DEF 2021 look like?

The forum will take place in a hybrid format, with numerous digital events.

This ensures the inclusion of participants unable to travel and reaching a broader audience. The physical elements of the DEF 2021 will take place in accordance with the applicable hygiene requirements. Therefore, the number of attendees will be adapted accordingly.  At all our venues, extensive health and security measures will be in place in order to ensure a safe environment for all participants, staff and local communities.


Is there a possibility of a purely digital DEF 2021?

Delphi Economic Forum believes in openness, international collaboration, and the free flow of ideas. In-person meetings are a vital part of our Annual Conference and an important aspect of its character. We are hopeful and the aim is to enable informal and bilateral meetings without compromising on our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment to all our participants.


How will you ensure the safety and the health of the participants?

A comprehensive and detailed hygiene concept will be in place at the DEF 2021. This is currently being developed by our specialist partners & medical experts, will abide by the relevant state and local health protocols and will be announced in due time.


What about those that will be not willing to travel or allowed to enter the conference venue?

Through the implementation of a digital platform, we will ensure a lively interaction, including digital participation in panels, interviews, networking and other formats. All discussions of the official program will also be livestreamed.


When can I register?

The registration process for the digital-only participants of the DEF 2021 will be announced soon. For health and safety reasons we will significantly reduce the number of on-site participants. With this in mind, physical participation in the DEF 2021 will be by invitation only.


What about the 2020 registrants that have rolled over their registrations and the corporate members that have extended their membership for 2021?

We are aiming towards welcoming our 2020 registrants and our 2020 members physically. However, our final decision on the number of on-site participants will be determined by the situation and the authorities’ recommendations concerning public events.


Will journalists and media be allowed to attend the annual meeting physically?

For health and safety reasons we are obliged to also reduce the number of media representatives on-site. Detailed information on media accreditations will be announced at a later stage.


We want to thank all of you for your support during this tumultuous time.

As always, your safety, the safety of our team and the local communities in which we operate is our highest priority. We recognize the inconvenience this turn of events may cause and appreciate your understanding. We kindly ask for your patience during this unfortunate situation and pledge to communicate all updates with you both swiftly and openly.


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