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International Museum Day to be celebrated digitally – May-August 2020

International Museum Day
to be celebrated digitally

International Museum Day on May 18 will be celebrated digitally this year through applications and actions that will be posted on websites and social media.According to the Greek section of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), “due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our country’s museums remain closed until mid-June. But even during this difficult time, they continue their work through digital applications and actions. Thus they prove that they are living organisms that meet the needs of modern people. Given the current unfavourable situation, International Museum Day 2020 will be celebrated digitally.'”With this year’s celebration of Diversity and Social Cohesion, ICOM stresses the social value of museums, which is directly “linked to the creation of experiential experiences that are of particular importance to all visitors without exception. Museums, as organisations with prestige and carriers of social change and development, are proving nowadays how important their role is, as they are a link between different communities, contributing to social cohesion. Through their collections, exhibitions, the various educational and cultural activities they organise, but also the innovative initiatives they undertake, they promote social and cultural diversity and create support tools to address prejudices and solve social problems.”

The Hellenic Department of ICOM is the hub for the promotion of the initiatives of Greek museums, highlighting the digital activities that will take place in the context of this year’s celebration. Thematic tours, presentations of permanent or individual exhibitions, current tributes, screenings and educational programmes are just some of the events that more than 60 organisations from all over Greece invite the public to watch online through their websites or social networks. All events have been posted on the website of the Greek section of ICOM:

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