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‘The Great Steppe: History and Culture’ – 11th Nov-11th December 2019



Modern Kazakhstan through the prism of its historical heritage
‘The Great Steppe: History and Culture’ exhibition opens in Athens


A presentation of the famous ‘Golden Man’ at the exhibition ‘The Great Steppe: History and Culture’ caused a real sensation in the capital of Greece. This event was a kind of culmination of the focused work of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Athens to familiarise Greek residents with the culture and rich historical heritage of the country of the Great Steppe.

The opening of the exhibition, which will be available to residents and guests of Athens until December 11th, was made possible thanks to the close cooperation of the National Museum of Kazakhstan with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Athens. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the evening in the building of the Museum of Epigraphy at the Athens Archaeological Museum with the participation of well-known state, diplomatic, cultural and journalistic circles, as well as archaeological scientists of the two countries.

In order to answer the many questions about the history and the present stage of development of Kazakhstan, as well as taking into account the living interest and Greek press to the opened exhibition, during the first day, November 11th, a press conference was held with the organisers of the exhibition and the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Athens, Alexey Volkov.

Answering journalists’ questions, the Kazakh Ambassador noted that the exhibition is a unique opportunity to look at modern Kazakhstan through the prism of its rich historical heritage, as well as a way to have a new look at the country. Referring to the recent Address to the Nation by President Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev ‘Constructive public dialogue is the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan’, the Kazakh diplomat noted that “Kazakhstan is on the way of implementing important initiatives aimed at strengthening the foundations of democracy, strengthening unity and cooperation within the Kazakh society”.

Ambassador Volkov also stressed that during the turbulent stage in the world economy and politics, Kazakhstan sets long-term goals for the modernisation of the entire country and society until 2050, while not forgetting and preserving its historical roots. Within this context, noting the special importance of the exhibition ‘The Great Steppe: history and culture’, the Kazakh Ambassador highlighted the implementation of important state programmes in Kazakhstan such as ‘Rukhany Zhangyru’ and ‘Seven faces of the Great Steppe’, which contribute to the study and promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

He also said that in 2020, the country is preparing to celebrate a number of other significant dates – the 175th Anniversary of the Kazakh poet and educator Abay Kunanbayev, the 1150th Anniversary of the famous scientist and philosopher Abu Nasir al-Farabi and the 750th Anniversary of the Golden Horde. He stressed that these anniversary events will be celebrated both in Greece and internationally under the auspices of UNESCO.

The exhibition ‘The Great Steppe: history and culture’ will last until December 11th 2019; The Epigraphical Museum: 1 Tossitsa, Athens 106 82. More information about the exhibition can also be found on the website:

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